Hello to all. I really need some advice about moving to Russ

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Hello to all. I really need some advice about moving to Russ

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I currently live in Canada and I’m in my early 30’s working in engineering department building and modifying valves and valves automations for industrial and commercial industry like water filtration plants, power plants, mines, hospitals and even had built some for the Canadian army. I love my job I really do love what im doing as a job and my musical hobby on my spare time when I’m not working. But that’s the only thing that is holding me here. To much had happened in here for me in the past and for some reason I can’t get over it so I decided to make a change in my life and start fresh in Russia. It would be a really big step in my life so I would like to get ready properly and know as much as I can before I make my final move. I want to move to Russia but I don’t know much about this country besides what I see on tv and have no one I know living there. I know this country is rich in natural gases and oil and the economy is pretty safe for the 2014 despite the stuff going on right now, so I might be able to find me a job there. My dad lived in St. Petersburg but he passed away in 2011 and he was my last relative there. I never did Immigration or know little about it for Canadian immigration procedures but not Russian. So if anyone can help me out in tips ,info and advices they can share with me.
Tnx and best regards to all

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