Russian Language Training School - St. Petersburg Aug 08

If you're planning to travel to Russia or the Ukraine, or you're an expat living there - this is the place to chat!
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Russian Language Training School - St. Petersburg Aug 08

Post Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:59 pm

I'll be attending a Russian language training school in St. Petersburg for two months starting at the end of August 08. I'd love to be in contact with any other Canadian's who might be around during this time. Of course, my main reason to go is to speak Russian 99% of the time, but there are days when a 40 yr old brain just doesn't work the way it used to.and I'll probably be "jonesing" (for lack of a better word) for some good old Canadian chat over a coffee, 18 yr old Oban whisky or bathtub vodka. I'm flexible.
If you're up for it let me know. Also, if you're a Canadian living in SPB and you want me to bring you anything from home let me know (within reason of course). I'm not keen on learning Russian in a Siberian prison. Although I'm sure I'd learn a lot of really cute Russian colloquialism's for bitch :smt104 . On that note, I'm a laid back person with a shallow interest in everything. If I sound like someone you'd like to have a drink with then great! Oh right, I'm married, and surprisingly, really quite happily, so if you're male and hard up and thus looking for a quickie with an old bag :shock: , so sorry, I'm not your bag. Cheers dears!
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Re: Russian Language Training School - St. Petersburg Aug 08

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New courses of Russian and Ukrainian for foreigners.
At Khmelnitsky National University, in the city of Khmelnitsky, Ukraine.
Students can learn the languages according to different programs (Standard, Spoken, Intensive, Business, etc (term of study from 1 week to 1 semester)). The age range is from 16 to 60. The courses fees vary from US $ 170 per week. The education materials are included.
The great possibility for you to discover Ukrainian marvelous nature, hospitable and generous people, rich Ukrainian history and culture and architecture.
The country where people eat only healthy and natural food, are fond of communicating with foreigners.
The cost of living in Ukraine may impress you. Where in Europe can you live spending only US $ 200 a month or even less?
Come to Ukraine and explore its beauties yourself!
Is anyone interested in such offer? Then, contact [email protected]

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