I'M GOING FOR IT! Gonna teach in Ukraine- How do I prepare?

If you're planning to travel to Russia or the Ukraine, or you're an expat living there - this is the place to chat!

Should I persue a relationship with Ukrainian women while teaching?

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I'M GOING FOR IT! Gonna teach in Ukraine- How do I prepare?

Post Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:03 pm

Hi there everybody,
I've decided to teach English in the Ukraine in September 2008 and would like ANY TIPS/TRICKS/ADVICE you can offer? This is the information that I have so far. Please verify if the information given to me was truthful and accurate? :

1) Don't expect to make very much money teaching English in the Ukraine, expect to simply survive (pay for rent/food/transportation)
True or False?

2) Do not teach in smaller towns, pick either Kiev or Odessa as the top 2 choices.
True or False?

3) Teaching Business English is the most profitable form of English instruction in Ukraine.
True or False?

4) For living accomodation do not stay in a hotel. They are far too expensive. Rent an apartment or look at living with a Ukrainian home-stay family?
Which is better?

5) Ukrainian women are the most beautiful women in the world. They are highly educated, have strong family values and are not 'gold diggers' looking for a free ride to Canada?
True or False

Well, that's about it for now. Thanks for reading my questions. I hope you can help me verify facts from fiction?
Thanks again in advance!
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Re: I'M GOING FOR IT! Gonna teach in Ukraine- How do I prepare?

Post Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:42 am

I haven't been to the Ukraine yet, but I've been to other (somewhat) similar places, and here's what I know.

1) True & False: Although you won't make thousands of dollars in a month, you can live a very comfortable life provided you find a place without crippling rent. If you can make over $1500 a month and pay less than $500 for a flat, you'll do okay!

2) Don't know the answer to this one, but in Poland, Russia, and Slovakia it doesn't hurt to be close to some small towns AND a large city. Sometimes having a native teacher at a school in a small town will draw a huge crowd.

3) True, provided you know what you're doing and can hang on to your clients. Business English is one of the most demanding jobs in my experience, and the student turnover is high until you get a firm grip on your own skills and confidence.

4) True: find your own flat (avoid the homestay) or, even cheaper, share a flat. The owner of the visarus website gave me this link, which is very handy: flatmates.ru. There's a section for Kiev there, although not many listings.

5) True & False: There are very beautiful women all over the world (except for Edmonton). In Ukraine, however, many are highly educated, feminine, and dress "nicely"....kind of like the rest of Eastern Europe.

If and when you get there, post your experiences on this site. I'm curious myself!

Happy New Year!

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