Russian course: from survival to business

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Russian course: from survival to business

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Hello to everybody!

My name's Dasha, and I teach both English and Russian for foreigners. I used to live and work in Moscow with some major language schools, and I ended up with an idea of my own school (well, I decided to start with a club, but actually it's a kind of school) in my home town, Volgograd.

What: communicative method, i.e. no exercises for the sake of exercises; real Russian structures that you can hear in the street, authentic magazines, movies and such, discussions and such.
Where: Either online (you need Skype and a headset) or offline (you have to travel to Volgograd, aka Stalingrad).
Charge: $10 per 60 min
Bonus: If you happen to visit Volgograd and attend my English classes (you don't have to teach, just talk with my students) you can get a good discount (up to 100%!)
Extra-bonus: Volgograd is a great place for tourism, especially if you're into history. Monuments, museums, the Volga, yummy ice-cream and cheap accommodation (comparing to Moscow).

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