Samara (Russia) Volga cruise

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Samara (Russia) Volga cruise

Post Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:10 pm

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my impressions till they are fresh :D

I’ve just returned from the Volga river cruise. That was gorgeous! I mean it. OK, I guess that gonna be better if I go from the very beginning.

So, it all started when I found myself sitting in Samara, Russia miserable, tired from work and dreadfully bored. I was overcome by self-pity when my friend suggested we should try some cruise or smth of the kind (why, why didn’t she do that earlier?). Well, at first I found the idea far from being brilliant: I’ve never done that before, at any hand for several days. Plus Waugh’s “Bridshead revisited” I was reading didn’t add optimism (if you remember most of the characters suffered from rolling during the trip and I can’t say I’m a good sailor). But sitting at work or home all thro' the day was a creepy alternative, so I gave it green light (after certain hesitation) to avoid turning into some peevish bluestocking)

Well, I like going the whole hog, so I (my friend never helped! lazy) googled, found a good tour-operator, chose the variant I liked most, packed my case, checked my face and… started my tiny adventure.

It’s worth saying I chose four-decker “Tikhij Don” as it was proclaimed one of the safest and most convenient boats. Oh, and the biggest one in Samara, Russia. And I do love comfort, I hate when for e.g. broken air-conditioner spoils my trip).

I chose the biggest boat and one of the longest trips (imagine, 7 days!), so to say decided to have a blast. I don’t regret.

In an hour, after unpacking a trunk I felt like farewell business suit and bikini you’re welcome. Oh, btw, there was a huge wardrobe in my Luxe, which’s great as I always take an inevitable number of clothing. The room was really cozy and nice – 2 big beds, air conditioner (!), WC and a shower unit and other things to make me happy, and a safe (it’s a pity I had nothing to put in it :( ).

All in all, I would strongly advise everyone give Volga cruise a go, that’s unforgettable.

It looks like my first Volga river cruise experience was a success. Hey guys, drop me a line if you’ve been on any other Volga cruise just to compare impressions.
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Re: Samara (Russia) Volga cruise

Post Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:57 pm

This is a great way to see Russia. I'd love to spend the holidays on a cruise. I'm excited to pack already...

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