return ticket upon arrival

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return ticket upon arrival

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hi there!

i'm planning a 2-3 month vacation trip to ukraine in a month or so..

as a canadian passport holder i won't need a visa up to 90 days as a visitor..

but what about a return ticket and a hotel reservation?

i'm planning to stay in ukraine almost the whole summer without exceeding period of the 90 days i am allowed but i don't know the exact return date..

also, i am not going to stay in a hotel the whole time.. i'll probably rent a place after some time or stay with a family or somehting..

so, in this situation:

a- do i need to declare the customs the exact number of days i'll be in ukraine?

b- will i have to show a return ticket?

c- do i need to declare an address for my stay?

d- if i am required to declare an address up entry, may i just show a hotel/hostel reservation of one week and once i get there rent a place of my own?

e- if the option "a" is true then i'll have to declare the exact number of days i'll spend in ukraine and therefore one week reservation would not do.. in this case, how can i overcome this wihtout having to show a 3 month reservation?

thanks in advance folks..

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