Canadian consultant (corp) remote work for USA

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Canadian consultant (corp) remote work for USA

Post Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:09 pm


I am self employed and own a Canadian corporation and live in Ontario Canada. I am IT consultant and been offered a job by a recuriter for his client in USA. I will be doing all the work from my home here in canada but will have to vist the client in Connecticut USA.

Three questions:

1) When i Inovice the recuriter, and they pay US corp to cdn corp, are there taxes need to be deducted before i get payed.

2) Is it possible for US corporation to pay my corporation US account in canada via wire transfer or I need to open a US account in USA?

3) Do i need a TN visa to vist the client in USA for 1 week?
if NO then what do i say at the US Border.

Thanks for your help.

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