Another marriage question re: marrying a US citizen

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Another marriage question re: marrying a US citizen

Post Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:39 pm

Hi everyone. OK, so I know this topic has probably been beat to death, but I was getting a little overwhelmed looking at all the information on the visajourney website, and wanted to post a topic to discuss the special nuances of my situation and get some advice.

Long story short is that I am a CDN citizen, and my girlfriend is a US citizen. While I have not proposed yet, we both know we eventually want to be married. I am currently finishing up my Master's degree in the US, after which time I plan to go work in South Korea (starting September 2012). My questions at this time really are around the following:

1. Where should we get married (US or Canada)? I don't know the pros and cons of each, but the long term goal is for me to return to N.American after 2 years in Korea, preferably the US. There is also the chance that after 2 years, my company will sponsor me to legally work at North American HQ in the US, but i am planning for the eventuality that they may not.

2. From a timing/logistical perspective, what is the order of events that need to happen to getting us engaged and married as smoothly as possible?

3. In the event that my job brings me back home to Canada (instead of the US), will I still be able to get her authorized to enter and work in Canada without it conflicting with any parallel processes to get me authority to work in the US?

As you may be able to tell, I am just trying to get the sequence of activities down in the right order so that we can both understand what needs to be done, and when. Given the slight deterrence to Korea for a couple of years, this is all the more important for the both of us.

Thanks in advance everyone, and please let me know if there are any questions or if something isn't clear.

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