Born in Canada by adoption and all bio family in States

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Born in Canada by adoption and all bio family in States

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Okay, what I am trying to find out is getting my US citizen ship because I do want to move there and work and that all my biological family is there because I was and should have been born in the US. My birth mom and her family lived in AZ and I was conceived there but she was then sent back to Canada where they came from and was here in a Girl school where she had me and returned to the States. My biological father and his family are all American, my brothers and sisters are born and raised there.

Is there a way to get my citizenship because of this? As I say, not my fault I was born here.. I am proud to be a Canadian but now have a job that I want to go to in the States at some point in the next year or so and I don't want to have to go throuh a work visa and such as really I should be American.

There has to be some way that by no fault of mine I can get that citizenship

Any answers?
Any ideas?
Any where I can go and find out??

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