Canadian citizen contract with a Hong Kong company

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Canadian citizen contract with a Hong Kong company

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Hello to all gurus out there,

I have an opportunity to work with a global software company headquartered in Hong Kong. Its a dream come true contract for me, let me put it that way as Im very passionate about this industry.

They have offices in many different countries including US. They currently dont have an office in Canada which means I will work from either home or ill rent a small office.

I have my own consulting incorporation in Canada and will sign a contract with the Hong Kong company directly. They will be paying for all my time, work and travel and invoices. US office has nothing to do with the payments.

The work at times might require me to travel to US to attend meetings at client's North America head offices (US), so I can learn of what needs to be done for their Canadian company when the software is implemented.

Is the travel to US considered to be a consultation trip or a meeting? I have been reading about this on many blogs and there seems to be a lot of confusion out there esp with Border officers not understanding the reason of traveling.

Mainly the work is in Canada for me, but as said, at times (maybe 3 - 4 times a month) i might have to travel to US for 1 - 2 days to attend such meetings.

My question is does this require me to get any special visa to go to US and attend these meetings?

Kindly advise and I would like to thank all responses in advance.


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