Living in Canada and working for a company abroad!

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Living in Canada and working for a company abroad!

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I am a permanent resident living in Canada, Montreal QC, and I am about to sign a contract as a service provider with a TV company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I will be creating promotions for their programs, working from home (Montreal) and sending them the final product online, in return the company will transfer my payments to my bank account here in Montreal. I was told to register myself as a company (individual property, self-employed - sole proprietor) in order for me to issue them invoices and declare the income tax. And currently I have the NEQ and the QST, GST numbers for my company, and I’ve opened a bank account under my company’s name.
Please know that this will be a long term contract, meaning that the quantity of service that I will be providing them might extend for over a year, with almost the same amount of work and payment being transferred by them to my company’s bank account here in Montreal, QC.
Recently I was contacted by the main TV Company in (Dubai-UAE) asking how can they organize to work with me without (them) being held any legal liabilities against the Canadian law? As to (them) they are hiring someone (me) who’s inside Canada, and the work physically is done inside Canada, so they just want to make sure that the Canadian law won’t question them about my rights as a Canadian employee/service provider, or ask them to provide me with any benefits, or pay the Canadian government any taxes on my behalf.
They need to make sure that I – in front of the Canadian law- do not represent an overseas employee (who has other rights beside the monthly payment), but rather a company with a service that I offer to them, and get a monthly payment in return.
How possible is that?
Many thanks

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