Canadian citizenship test | How hard is to pass?

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Canadian citizenship test | How hard is to pass?

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guys i am going to take the exam in coming month, i have read the book and taken some practice questions online. I able to answered all the questions correctly in practice tests, look at some questions below:

1) What is a polling station?

Campaign offices for candidates
Place where you vote
Member of Parliament's constituency
Place where the number of votes are counted

2) Which province is the only officially bilingual province?

Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Previous Question

3) What are the parties that are not in power called?

Without power
Opposition parties
Out of power

4) Which Great Lake does NOT locate between Canada and United States?

Lake Michigan
Lake Huron
Lake Ontario
Lake Erie

5) From which year the Queen Elizabeth has been the Queen of Canada?


source: thecanadiantest

please anyone who had passed the test,guide me on this.

thanks in advance!!

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