What are the most beautiful places in Canada???

If we travel or live abroad, we usually come back to visit right? Here's a the place to meet other "re-pats" and Canadians who have returned.
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Re: What are the most beautiful places in Canada???

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I have been living in Calgary, Alberta for the last few years. I agree the Rocky Mountains: Banff, Lake Louise, and the drive into interior BC is breathtaking. However, being born and raised on the East Coast, I would highly recommend that you visit the Cape Breton Highland National Park. It's beautiful in the fall when the leaves begin to change colors on the trees. Halifax, Nova Scotia is a great city with lots of history and great pubs and restaurants. There are also plenty of beaches surrounding the province.
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Re: What are the most beautiful places in Canada???

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Newfoundland is absolutely beautiful! I recommend going their if you are travelling in Canada, the scenery is amazing, and the people are so friendly. When I went I actually got my accommodations and flights all through this company, pretty much I just filled out a report on how the service was on board and I received 50% off of hotel, flights and accommodations! Honestly, it was the easiest way I have ever saved money , you should check it out, heres the website:

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