Possible end to NAFTA and TN

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Possible end to NAFTA and TN

Post Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:30 pm

Many of you are probably aware of this: Trump has vowed to end NAFTA. If he completely ends NAFTA, then this will also end the TN work status. He would have to give 6 months notice before terminating the agreement.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this. Personally I think that something like TN will still exist. Before TN, there was TC for professionals. But what kind of disruptions might occur in the interim? This is assuming he even cancels NAFTA at all.

And a specific question about my situation. My TN will expire in Feb 2017. I have already sent a I-129 and received an approval of extension for another 3 years. I'm currently in the US and my passport still has the TN stamp that expires Feb 2017. My next entry back into the US will be at the start of January (before Trump takes office), and hopefully at that time they will stamp me a new TN.

Will I be in a better position if I go back to Canada ASAP (November instead of January), and return back to the US to get the new TN stamp?

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