TN holder also working in Canada with non-TN US clients

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TN holder also working in Canada with non-TN US clients

Post Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:38 am

Hey all, I imagine the subject is a little confusing but here is the situation:

I work in the US part-time, living here most of the year (I think enough to quality me as a Resident).

I have two current TN permits here for two part-time contracts. I also work in Canada, sometimes remotely while I'm in the US (database programming). When I'm back in Canada, I also do work for US clients. I don't do that work when I'm in the US and I don't have TN permits for that other work.

What do I do for taxes? How do I claim the US client income I receive while I'm living in Canada? If I have TN permits for other clients with whom I work while I am in the US, does that complicate the work I do for the other US clients when I'm in Canada?


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