Help applying for UK Ancestry!

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Help applying for UK Ancestry!

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I am going to be applying for a UK Ancestry visa, and am just wondering some things as I've had difficulty finding the answers online. So here goes.

1. I am going to be claiming through my mum's mum. My mum is the first of our family to be born outside of England. My nana is deceased, and I am not in contact with my mum. I have been told that I require the long form of their birth certificates. However I cannot find an absolute answer on whether these can be official copies or if they must be the originals.

2. In the event that they must be originals, how does one go about obtaining these documents? I am trying to reach out to family members to see if anyone has them, but so far I have had no luck doing so.

3. The UK gov site states that marriage certificates are required as well. Is this necessary in all cases or only in some? In the cases of both my mum and myself, our mothers show directly on our birth certificates, so I am unclear as to why the marriage certificates would be required.

4. My next question is about if the application is accepted. Once your visa is approved, is it three months from that date that you are able to enter the country? I can't find a definitive answer on this, and it's been quite frustrating and confusing. If I were to apply tomorrow and be accepted within, say, a month's time, would I be able to move as of the approval date or is there a specified waiting period?

5. I am going to be getting an apartment with my boyfriend (A British Citizen) when I move there, but we do have the option of living at his family home free of charge if it's necessary, like if we are having difficulty finding an apartment that suits our needs. I will have funds to show that I can support myself, but we thought it might not hurt to have a letter stating that I have somewhere to live and someone to help me with costs as well. Anyone have experience with this?

6. I have considered contacting an immigration adviser, but again I am unsure here. Should I be contacting a UK based advisor, or a Canadian advisor? It seems that in the UK many of them provide free counsel whereas at home it's fairly monopolized.

7. Also, does anyone have any experience moving to the UK on an Ancestry visa with a pet? I have a dog, and I have figured out the financial costs of bringing her. However so far all the information I have found on bringing her has been very convoluted and I can't seem to get a clear answer.

I think I still have a lot more questions, but for now I'll leave it at this. Thank you so much in advance for any advice or suggestions!

- Bee

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