Canadian moving to wales with common-law spouse and 2 kids

For anyone living or traveling in Wales
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Canadian moving to wales with common-law spouse and 2 kids

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Looking for some help!!
My common-law husband and I are looking to move to wales, we're young and we are both within guidelines of getting ancestry visas, and have relatives capable of putting us up upon arrival. The problem is we don't know where to start! First of all we have 2 small kids not in school yet (do they need passports/visas??), we ARE looking to stay in wales for a prolonged period of time, likely a min of 2 years to see if we are at home or not, and my husband has skilled trades in pest control and would be getting a job in that field upon moving (no guarantees from any companies, just us planning).

We just need that final push to say do it, just go, and we want to know what it's like moving to wales with children, the differences in lifestyle, comparison in cost of living, housing comparison (what you get for $1300/mo renting here vs. equivalent currency there?) any cultural shock to deal with? Any regrets? or is it the best decision you've ever made and wish you'd done it sooner?

Also are we better off getting married officially before trying to move to save us the paperwork?

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Re: Canadian moving to wales with common-law spouse and 2 ki

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I might be some help to you. I recently moved to Wales from Canada on an ancestry visa.

Wales is a completely different world than I have ever seen. It's beautiful too. I grew up and lived all of my adult life in Mississauga, Ontario. The lifestyle in Wales is probably the biggest thing I struggle with. I live in the Llanrwst/Llandudno area and its quite isolated.

The cost of food isn't crazy expensive, but still considerably more than I was paying in Canada. In fact when I first got here I hated most of the food because of the difference in sugar content. You settle into the food thing after awhile, but still there are some food combinations I just don't appreciate. Although Indian curries are excellent.

I'm here living with my boyfriend, but its only for 2-3 years though. For me to move here was quite expensive. Between storing my personal things and car, passport and visa application, flight and luggage costs it was thousands of dollars. Be sure of what you are doing. I came here with 2 suitcases, a carry-on, a bike and a laptop bag. Also I was over on my luggage allowance so I had to pay extra money.

I'm not the easiest person to adapt to new hings, but I did this because I love my boyfriend and don't want to apart from him. So in that regard its a success. The winters here are very rainy and sometimes I don't see the sun for days. But I know that once the spring and summer comes this place will be a wonderful.

The job thing is also tough, I've been here 3 1/2 months and I cannot find a job. A lot of jobs in the town I live require you to speak Welsh. So be prepared to deal with that.

I know I sound a bit negative, but I came here for change and travel. From the UK you can travel quite cheaply in Europe. If you fear change and are fond of the way you live in Canada then I would not recommend coming here. I've visited the UK 3 times prior to this move and even I wasn't ready for the things that I discovered.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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Re: Canadian moving to wales with common-law spouse and 2 ki

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I live in Wales and spotted your post. I am also former president of the British pest Control Associationa dn current Membership Manager so I canhelp with your Pest Control Questions :D

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