Renting privately...... question

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Renting privately...... question

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I have a question that I'm unsure of and wondered if I could get someone's advice on.

I am currently looking to move to the Cardiff area but will not have a job upon first arrival. Therefore I thought it best to find a flat on a short term basis (3 months) so as to make sure I can support myself until I get settled. Well, I know that it is difficult to find a flat through an agency for anything less than 6 months (which I would also have to pay up front seeing as I'm a foreigner and can't prove my credit) so I went out and searched for a private landlord on another site. He is perfectly fine with my situation and I would be there for 3 months as I had wished - and on top of that, he is willing to accept the 3 months that I will pay him when I see the flat. This is all ideal except for one thing:

What I am worried about is that I will pay my full 3 month rent upfront and perhaps sometime later, he might claim that I have not and could try to force me to pay the amount again. (If that is even possible.) Now, let me say that I do not think this will happen because I do believe he is trustworthy but for my own peace of mind, I would much prefer having some kind of documentation to prove that I did in fact pay in full upfront.

So my question then becomes: How do I obtain such documentation? Could it be accepted as legal (if on the off chance it is needed later) if I were to write the letter myself and have him sign it thereby acknowledging my payment? And in addition, let's say it is legal, I assume, like in Canada, you would need a third party witness to ensure that it is legitimate. Being single and in a land far away, how on earth would I find someone to witness it for me? I've thought of asking the Citizen's Advice bureau but is that something they would even consider doing?

Anyway, this is all very complex to me and wondered if anyone knew of anything or had gone through anything similar before?

Thanks so much!

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