Living in Barcelona?

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Living in Barcelona?

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Hello! :)
I currently live in southern Ontario, but am planning on moving to barcelona in the future. I have a passion for learning spanish, however i am not yet fluent. My boyfriend currently lives in a town outside of Barcelona as well as some of my family who live in the city. I have visited back in november and fell crazy in love with the country, the people, everything!
I have now booked another trip and am leaving in less then two weeks.

I have been looking into the TEFL program, so that i could teach english as a foreign language abroad. I do have a passion for english so i see this as a great possibility for me. They do not require that i speak spanish but of course i would still need to learn it for every reason. I know about the very bad unemployment rate in Spain, but i am not sure that will effect the job path I am looking into since they usually require native english speakers which seem to always be in demand. Of course as always theres a few people i know who are giving me negative feedback on if I should really be attempting this as it may be difficult. I am aware moving across the globe to a completely different country is a big step in life, but it is a step i have never been happier to take. I am all in, and i am not going to give up. I am a very positive person and am very determined.

I am looking for someone to talk to such as a Canadian living in Spain, or someone with experience or any knowledge about any of this. I have a lot of questions having to do with the schooling, becoming legally able to live there, what i need to know about the whole moving process, and just anything you would like to mention about anything. I would be very grateful to hear from someone of the same positive attitude :) Thank you!

P.S. If there are any other job possibilities that are great for native english speakers please let me know.

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