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Hey RL

Post Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:41 pm

Hi Everyone,
Well Im a Canadian and I am married to a Moroccan man, right now we are discussing moving to Morocco, but I've never been there and just want to know whats it like to live there especially when you are Canadian? If someone who is a Canadian female preferably can give me some insight that would be great, and if I do move there then maybe we can connect some time. So please help a confused girl out.
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Canadian wants to live in Morocco

Post Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:08 pm

Hello Everyone!

I am currently living in Toronto, Canada. I am engaged to a wonderful Moroccan man. We are to be married in the summer and we want to live in Casablanca, Morocco where his family is located. Is anyone able to tell us what I need to do and who to contact to be able to live in Morocco with him permanently?

Thank you so much. God bless.
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Re: Move to Morocco

Post Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:29 pm


I came across your posting ,and I am glad you you live in Agadir because that is the town my wife and I ,together with our 12 years daughter ,will be moving next summer.We would like to know if our daughter will be able to join an Private English Middle School in Agadir.
Are there Schools teaching American or Aanadian school curriculums in Agadir?
Thanks in Advance.

Housewife Living Abroad wrote:Hello again Palash,

In case you haven't noticed I'm prompt when sending replies and so are you actually!

It's good to know there are new developments happening here in Morocco. Your job sounds very interesting so you will have to tell me more about it when you actually get here.

We have an American school here in Agadir and it is very good. Costly but your daughter will get a good education and everything is in English. Although, your daughter is young enough that she could adjust and benefit from going to a private school. I think she would be able to pick up French and Arabic very easily and there's a lot of good private schools in Rabat. Unless of course you are worried about moving back to Canada or the US and her education level isn't the same. But, if you decide to put her in a private school a lot of school administrators and teachers speak English.

As for your wife it might be a good idea for her to not work at least for a little while. I know when I moved here it took me a while to wrap my head around things. Taking a taxi was scary becuase I didn't know at first how to give directions. I only said the area I lived in. I had no idea what to buy at the grocery store. Of course I know how to shop but the brands from back home are not the same here and some things are hard to find or you can't find them at all. I had to learn prices, names of ordinary food items like milk if I had to go to the little shops that are all over the place instead of the bigger supermarkets. Buying food in the souk and butcher and getting around and learning to deal with ppl. Everything I had to learn and for the most part I learned by myself or with my husbands help. So when you move here if your wife is at home even though I live in a different city I'm more than willing to help her. I can even give her my phone number and email address and she can call me me anytime or email me anytime and hopefully it won't take long for you two to make some friends up in Rabat.

Anyway have to get going but take care. Keep me updated and feel free to ask more questions.
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Re: Canadian Living in Agadir, Morocco

Post Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:56 am

I've just joined this site.
I'm looking forward to finding a job in Agadir as a secretary/ assistant to director. I'm fluent in english, french, italian, spanish and portuguese and more that 15 years experience.
Can anyone help a "portuguese" please.
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Re: Canadian Living in Agadir, Morocco

Post Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:13 am

Hello everyone

I'm questioning if it is safe and possible for a familly crew of 4 (1 year old and 5 year old kids) french speacking,all nonarabic, but verry opened to arabic culture to expat them selves for 3-4 years...

I may have the chance to work in Moroco a nice Project job for ingenering, the job is verry interesting but I do not want to make rotations eanch 2 mths (Canada-Moroco)...I would prefer to live near my wife and kids in Moroco.

I read that most of you are maried to a Morocan or are Morocan how have lived in Canada and returned in Moroco?...Is there any couple of (white color) canadian living there, is it safe... We are not into any relegious groups and respect all cultur..We are vegetarian and do not drink alcoolic...Could help I think...

I'm also looking for basic informations, (in the case of a positive affirmation to my above questions).

Does my wife and Kids would be relativly safe (with relative precautions) staying alone fore 2-3 weeks there?


Alex and Maude

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Re: Canadian Living in Agadir, Morocco

Post Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:38 am

Hey Everybody;

I'm Moroccan ,Living in Canada , Married with a Canadian man , I've been living here 1 year now , I feel depressed without having friends, specially I'm housewife,

Did anybody here have the same issue as me ? :cry:
God Bless all of you


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