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Hi everyone, I am new here. We are moving to Switzerland in July. I am having some trouble figuring out banking in connection with the move.
Here in Canada we bank with TD. I am having trouble finding a bank in Switzerland that will let me open an account from here, they say I have to wait until we get there. However, to do a wire transfer from TD Bank into a Swiss account I need to do it at the branch in person, I can't seem to do it online. Maybe it can be done, but the person at our branch is not very knowledgeable, we live in small town Ontario.

We will need to transfer our savings, as well as transfer regular payments from a RIF to Switzerland. What is the best way to do this and through which bank? And which bank in Switzerland would let us open an account from abroad? If we cannot do this, which bank in Canada makes transferring of funds easy from afar?

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