Starting the process, work, permits, moving.

For anyone living or traveling in Switzerland
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Starting the process, work, permits, moving.

Post Sat May 02, 2009 9:45 am

Hello everyone,

Just signed up to talk with the rest of you and maybe get a few questions answered.

I am planning on moving to Switzerland in the near future, I have no dates set, just know its something I want to do. My Aunt lives in Nyon, a town just outside of Geneva. She moved there 19 years ago, marrying a Swiss citizen. My hopes are that her Swiss status will help me in my moving process.

Ive done lots of reading, and know about work/residency permits, finding an employer who will help with this process, and a few other tidbits.

Is their any advice any of you have? I am going to call the Canadian Swiss embassy soon, but I just want to gather all the information I can before I do that.

Will my Aunt having married a Swiss Citizen give me an edge on becoming a citizen?

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Starting the process, work, permits, moving.

Post Tue May 26, 2009 3:54 pm

Dear G.Clarke82,

I am a Swiss citizen married to a Canuck. I think the best thing to do is either to contact companies and try to get hired (they would go through the permit process for you) or come over as a tourist for a while and try to find work being here. I think you can stay here up to 3 months without any visa.

Your aunt being here can help I guess. I'd mention that you have a close relative here, in the permit application form in anycase, but I think the best thing your aunt could do for you is to get you an interview - or even better- a job !
Being here for so long she might have any idea about where to work in anycase...
I'd talk to her if I were you.

Take care,


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