For anyone traveling or living in Portugal
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Hi there,

I am a Luso-Canadian, 30 year old man. I'm considering moving to Portugal in order to reconnect with roots. I was brought up for the most part in Canada with a strong Portuguese tradition.
I'm concerned about moving there and not having a job. I have skills in graphic design and teaching english/drama. I work well with people and am able to speak both English and Portuguese. I am a Portuguese (and Canadian) citizen so should have no legal issues with working. I'm okay with a serving position or with a job in my field but my biggest concern is in finding work all together.

I've heard the economic situation in Portugal isn't pretty. I would be moving to Lisbon if I did move.

Could anyone give me advice? Leads?
Anyone have a job for me? lol I'll be there as fast as May 1st.

Any advice would be great advice.
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Re: Work

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Well I suppose u are in Portugal right now.
Sure isn't a problem about legal issues cause you also are portuguese.

The economic situation here still bad but maybe u can find something in your job position.

Try search on net-empregos(dot)com
Wish you luck.


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