Gathering Canadians, former residents of Canada, etc.

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Gathering Canadians, former residents of Canada, etc.

Post Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:55 pm

Dear Canadian and Luso-Canadian friends,

João and I are trying to contact as many Canadians and Luso-Canadian people living in Portugal as we can. The reason for this is because we are interested in finding out to which extent people might be interested in doing a Canadian or Luso-Canadian get-together somewhere in this country.

We are also putting together a mailing list of as many Canadians, Luso-Canadians, former residents of Canada, etc., as we possibly can so if you know others who fit the description, please pass this e-mail on to them or send us their e-mail and we’ll do it for you.

So what we ask is would you be interested in joining us in a future get-together? If so, please let us know of your interest and we’ll keep you updated. Any recommendations, etc. are also welcome.

Lastly, we've set up a website "for Canucks in Tugaville" which you can find at canadiansinportugal dot com. It’s a great platform for all who may be interested in all things Canadian. So with that, we thank you for your interest, remember to let other Canadians, Luso-Canadians, etc. know of this initiative, and hope to
hear from you sometime soon.

Drop us an e-mail: João - [email protected] / Gabriel - [email protected]

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