Applying for a passport for Chinese husband

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Applying for a passport for Chinese husband

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I'm Canadian and just married to a Chinese husband. When we went to apply for his passport we provided them with our marriage certificates as one thing they required. But they also required that I prove my residence in Canada. This is my problem now. To do this, I need to first get a notary public in Canada to do an affidavit of my proof of residence and then get that certified by the Chinese embassy in Canada. And in order to do the affidavit they said I need to do this in person in Canada.. but I'm in China! I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this and can advise a way around this dilemma? Like can my father who is in Canada do an affidavit of his residence (which is where I live too when I'm in Canada) and say on this affidavit that I live there too? Would they accept that here when I apply for the passport?
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Re: Applying for a passport for Chinese husband

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Did you solve the problem? And how? I am in the similar situation now.

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