Japan's Forgotten Paradise!! My Personal Secret Spot!

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Japan's Forgotten Paradise!! My Personal Secret Spot!

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I've been traveling to Japan for the past 15 years, here and there. I have always kept my most favorite spot in the world a secret, but it should not be hidden. The island of Okinawa!

Flights: The Okinawa experience. Most flights, particularly the cheaper ones, land at Naha Airport on Okinawa Island, making it the most convenient of the island's destinations.

Must-see: The sprawling Ocean Expo Park, which in addition to housing the spectacular Churaumi Aquarium includes an Oceanic Culture Museum and a reconstruction of a native Okinawan village.

Must-eat: Naha Harbor Diner. Touristy, but hard to resist for a quick lunch. Built to look as though it’s sitting atop a giant gajumaru banyan tree, it serves decent seafood dishes and beautiful views of the harbor.

There are so many hidden beaches that are filled with beautiful greenery, marine life, and white sand.

Go snorkeling, paddle boarding, surfing, food tours, history tours, sunbathe, helicopter tours!

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