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I hope someone can advise & help me. :?
My husband was transferred to Atlanta in Jan. 2003 on an L-1 vias, which allowed me to live there on an L-2. These visas are valid until Jan. 2007; however, in July 2005 we were repatriated back to the Toronto area. We would like to go back to live in the USA, is there a way that we can do that with our L visas? Can they be converted into a green card? Also we are interested in buying a home either in Charleston (SC) or Savannah (GA), I know as a Canadian we can stay in the USA for 6 months of the year. Am I right in assuming that we can own property in the USA even tho we are not citizens?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are anxious to move back to the USA, & want to do it properly. :)

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Your L visa is tied to your husband's employer. If he works for the same company, it could still be valid. You can own US property without being a citizen. The L visa
is convertible to a green card with time and money. You only get a total of 6 or so years on L so it may not be possible for you. If you had a one year break back in Canada, you can get a new L visa with a reset clock. If you don't have a new visa, I think the time spent in Canada doesn't apply to the old visa' time limit.

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