Vent about immigration!!

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Vent about immigration!!

Post Fri Dec 19, 2003 11:39 am

I can't believe how miserable this process is... All I want is my 1-130 to get processed as painless as possible... guess what... not going to happen.
They say it takes up to 24 months to get processed, thats two years!
How am I supposed to live??
I'm here legally for now, but once my 6 months is up, it's not so legal anymore, I can only hope that the k-1 gets processed before the 1-130.
That would allow me to stay here legally with my fiance..
But i'm married.. Our lawer said which ever gets done first is what you have to go by.

My my my.... they say that first class relatives are number one priority, but i'm not sure about that.. Not to mention Nebraska has the longest waiting period out of all the immigration branches..

Oi... Why does it have to such bs??

i can't go back to canada because if i do immigration is going to hassle me and probably not let me come back over.

It's funny they do that because i'm not a bad person, i'm honest, and just want to be with my man!
I'm not causing any problems, but those people are horrible to deal with.
I don't know if they are still pissed cuz they didn't get picked for from queen, or king or what the deal is, but it's like they need to get back at the world...
Too bad...

so now people like me, get hassled, waste tons of money, get stressed because of bs like this... whats the deal?
someone enlighten me please...
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Post Sun Apr 04, 2004 2:37 am

if u r married try for a " early parole" it lets u go back and forth to canada for up to a yr. cost 100 bucks unless it has gone up in 3 yrs.good luck

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