what can i bring back to Canada?

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what can i bring back to Canada?

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Hi everyone!

Just found this site and it looks like a good one. Here's my story. I am a Canadian born citizen who has been in the States for 4 months now. I have been staying with my boyfriend and he now wants to move back to Canada with me. He is a carpenter by trade and where he lives, the economy for his trade is very poor.
He is trying to get a work permit before I have to go back. If he cannot get one in time, he wants to come back with me anyway.
Our question is:
Can I bring back a uhaul trailer with some of his household stuff like washer/dryer, TV, etc. and say they are mine and that I bought them at a garage sale?
What would your advice be?
Thank you in advance.
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Post Tue Mar 20, 2007 7:53 am

Just wondering why so many people are viewing this question but nobody is answering?
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Because I have no idea about what you can bring back ;)

Post Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:40 pm

no, you cannot bring his household goods into Canada in a U-Haul. If you do that, they'll figure he's trying to immigrate without the hassel of immigration and deny him entry at the border and turn him around back to the States.

Better to just leave it in the US until he's got proper paperwork worked out. Like the work permit and whatever other visa required for him to stay and live in Canada. THEN he can send for his things.

In the meantime, he can bring a suitcase of clothes that he'll need for a visit. Legally, he can visit for up to 6 months, but he won't be able to work during that time.

Not sure what the options are for sponsorship and whatnot, its changed a bit since my hubby and I tried unsuccessfully a few years ago.

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