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Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:45 am

Very timely forum. First comment, here it goes.
Yes, I would like to move to the US (gain valuable work experience)and hopefully make it a permanent move.
Background: Canadian citizen, Canadian MBA, CA/ CPA, worked two years for a Canadian company that has a US subsidiary, specialized knowledge in global taxes, divorced, one high school child will come with me.
A TN or a L-1 are easy possibilities, however, most probably I will apply for a green card once in the US.
Another wrinkle, most likely I will move to another employer in the US within the year (better opportunities and pay). And I will have to pay for the move and immigration dealings. As well as, love in the US: well, who knows the future.
TN vs. L-1 or another visa? Use immigration lawyer or not? Move to another US employer now or later? Any other recommendations or suggestions?
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Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:05 am

Hi All,

I have a "virtual job", where I can work virtually from anywhere as long as I have a telephone and access to the internet. I am looking to spend 1 - 3 months in the USA where the climate is much warmer than the winter months in Edmonton. I am an international broker and do business now with companies in the USA and around the world.

If I were to spend some time in the USA, I expect that some US Immigration officials may interpret my activities as working in the US. My company is Canadian. Is there some way to pre-empt any potential problems and get some type of pre-approval prior to visiting the USA?

I presume with such an electronic world, I am not the only person that may have experienced this type of problem.

Any advice on this issue would be appreciated.

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Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Thu May 07, 2009 4:39 pm

Hi all,
I am a Canadian Citizen looking to immigrate to the U.S (NY state) when I complete school. I have a Bachelor Degree in Biology and I am enrolled in Chiropractic College. I have a couple years to go before I finish. I intend to immigrate to the U.S as a chiropractor with my girlfriend who will be a Pharmacist. So she wont have a problem with NAFTA but I have no clue about my situation. Chiropractors dont seem to be mentioned anywhere I have looked.
Should I try to get an employment sponsorship from an associate position? I have no family in U.S or enough money to go on the basis of an entreprenuer. I am very lost and have no clue if I even have a chance of getting in, I really would like to move to the U.S but have no clue about how to get in? Any help and info is appreciated.

thanks all
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Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:35 pm

Hi I am moving to Texas to work at the end of the month. I am nervous about going through the border in New York state. what paperwork should I have ready to make it a smooth transition? Any suggestions as to the best border crossing? I am thinking of the Buffalo area. Maybe windsor? Also I want to take my car into the states with me. What should I do to prepare for this? Any helpful ideas would be welcomed!!

Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:12 am

What status will you have to allow you to work in the US?
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Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:04 am

Hi..I am an Albertan married for 2 yrs. to an American...we r in our middle 50's..I do not know the legal ins and outs of Immigration I can only tell you what we have experienced and what we were told to do..

I arrived here in Feb. 2009 for a visit and my husband convinced me to stay...he does not want to deal with Canadian winters and has strong ties to the VFW and veterans issues..we met in 2003 and travelled back and forth over the years to see each other...

When the decision was made that I would stay we got our lawyer to start the immigration process...

I do recommend getting an Immigration Lawyer and this process is expensive, slow and stressful..I have heard so many horror stories from Canadians dealing with this particuliar the 'interview'.. (the INTERVIEWERS can be down right nasty)..many of the women I talked to said they broke down crying, felt totally humiliated and were made to feel like criminals and that if it were not for their husbands they would've headed back to Canada...I thought at first this was just isolated or exaggerated but unfortunately way too many people said the same thing...

Be prepared...get photo albums of your time together, trips, receipts, letters, cards from both sides of the families, any and all evidence that shows you are truly a couple...have bills in both your names, bank accounts (joint account), car loan/ins. in both your names, loans, house rental or ownership in both of your names...just realize this is no guarantee that you will get your green card to be able to stay with your spouse...

Also one aspect my husband and I did not prepare for...The American Health Care system...if you want a logistical nightmare this is the biggy...I ended up very sick and hospitalized for 5 days and if Alberta Health Care refuses to pay my bill we will owe $74,000.00...And, I cannot leave to go see my GP to see if I am healing the way I should..I have no Dr. here other than the eye Specialist I have to see due to the illness and each visit is very expensive...

Know this, that you can get insurance but no matter what you pay monthly you will not be completely covered...unless you are rich and can pay cash..or there is a top notch plan through your spouses work place...

Eg. Car pay $210. per month...your hospital bill $80,000...

Under this particuliar plan we checked into we would have to pay 30% of that bill...your ambulance bill may not be covered, certain treatments, if you are put under, etc.etc...we are not rich so we would not be able to pay the 30%...

This particuliar insurance agent told us to be totally thorough when you research what company you chose to deal with and what you will be covered for...AND there are so many ins. companies/carriers, so many different plans and the prices well they are all over the place...

As a Canadian I have found the Health Care System here both frightening, frustrating, and I constantly worry about getting sick again...

My husband is a Vietnam Vet on 80% disability and his VA plan does not cover me...

So please be very aware and educate yourself in this area...

Another possible consequence of not being able to leave the country is a death in the family...which happened to me...I was unable to be at my cousins side before she passed away..she asked for me to be there...we were very tight and this has been devastating...if I had left we would have had to start the whole process over and there was the risk of not being allowed back in...

And make sure you both have saved alot of money for the unexpected...have a back up plan should you be denied a green card..

I do hope this has been of some help...scary maybe but I think important to know...

I do have a question...I was told that after so many months of being outside of Canada that your health care benefits are suspended...I checked with Alberta Health Care and mine end Jan. there any program within Canadian Health Care that allows one to make pymts. even if you are going to be living in the States...have had no luck finding out if you can do this...I would definitely be willing to pay for the privilege of keeping my Canadian Health Care...

I will be checking in frequently to read others info...our interview has been cancelled and we are basically in limbo at this point...

An Albertan in Sacramento

Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:06 am

Once you have taken up permanent residency in another country, you are no longer eligible for Canadian healthcare benefits. You will have to buy insurance in the US, or move back to Canada.
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Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:10 am


I hope I have done this right and sent it to the appropriate site...

Thank-you Reba and agnelson for the info...

We will be buying insurance here in the US as soon as we can figure out which is the right one for me...

It does look like AHC and my Blue Cross will be paying the bill but until the receipts are in my hand saying PAID I will not rest easy...

Thanks again...

Albertan in Sacramento
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Question about immigration

Post Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:37 pm

Hi there,
I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I guess I'm not looking in the right spot for the answers. I live in Canada, my fiance is in Colorado and an American citizen. Much like a previous question, what is the best way for us to get married? Here, or there? I know we could also go the Fiance Visa route but we're unsure of the best way to go. We're also considering starting a family and wonder if having a baby here or there would have any further benefits or make things more difficult. I have agreed to move there because my fiance has a son from a previous relationship and he wants to stay close to him, where as I have no children.
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I've searched alot of websites but come away feeling very overwhelmed and confused.
Thanks very much! :biggrin:

Re: New US Immigration Forum!

Post Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:57 am

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