TN renewal Question

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TN renewal Question

Post Sun Jul 25, 2004 10:21 pm

My current TN expires in Dec.
I am considering changing companies, and since the TN is linked to my current company I will need a new TN.
Has anyone out there done this before?
Are there any extra obstacles or paperwork needed since I am applying for a new TN with a different company before the one I am holding expires? Or is it the same as if you were applying for a TN the first time

One other question; Are there any benefits to renewing the TN at an airport vs at a land crossing. I have always renewed the TN at a land crossing.

Any help would be appreciated.

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New TN

Post Wed Jul 28, 2004 8:20 am

Changing companies is easy, just like getting a new TN with the same company, maybe even easier. I have had fewer eyebrows at a change in company than a second TN with the same company.
Border crossings are best, though the lawyers for my current company handled my last TN extension through an inland office. It took a bit longer, but I didn't have to go through the gut bubbling drive to the border and wait through the roulette wheel of immigration officers. My current (5th) TN has been the easiest!
The first was a snap, less than 10 minutes at the border. The second was hideous, I spent nearly 2 hours being grilled in depth on my job requirements and responsibilities (including going away, coming back and asking the same questions in a different order with different phrasing to try to catch me up on a lie). The next one, the officer knew nothing about TNs and depended on me to fill them out. The last one I did on my own, the officer spent about 2 hours researching my activities recorded in their database, the company (large, international firm), and the rules.
Being gay, I guess I get more nervous at the border than some.
I really liked having the lawyers do it inland.

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