TN visa - Job is offered but reluctant to accept due to Tax

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TN visa - Job is offered but reluctant to accept due to Tax

Post Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:03 am

Hi, thanks for setting this valuable site. It has very helpful info.
I tried to search for my unique situtation related question but couldn't find so thought to open a new thread.. I hope someone there can help me.

I'm a Canadian citizen with family living in Ontario (wife/kids). have house, bank,rrsp etc
Now I got a Job offer from a recruitment agency and they told me I'll work for them as W2 for year and half. During that employment.They will pay me hourly rate and split it between per diem and regular. They will withheld tax but won't give me any benefit.

1:- Would I need to file tax in Canada (I'll stay in USA for 90% and will come to visit my family)
2: Do I need to file tax both in USA/Canada ?
3: Do I need to declare per diem when filing tax in USA/Canada ?
4: Any suggestion to reduce taxation ?

Greatly appreciate if someone can shed light on that ?

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