Passport overstay

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Passport overstay

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Hello. So my gf of 5 years came to the usa on March 1st of 2014 with only her Canadian passport. She is a Canadian citizen. She was going to go back on her round trip date, sometime in August of that year but decided to cancel and stay. After over a year we decided it was time for her to return and see family. She departed on July 27th of 2015. While there we started flirting with the idea of potentially sponsoring me to Canada sometime in the future. She's been in Canada, working and decided she wanted to return to visit again this year, problem is her past overstay. I've read conflicting reports on wether she can get barred or not. Could she get barred when trying to fly back? Is there any way she can visit again or did we potentially make a huge mistake by letting her stay for almost a year and a half?

I've read Canadians traveling via passport can not ger barred, and otherwise. Then something about the enter exit agreement being implemented until after she came here. Should she buy the tickets and attemp to fly back and visit or is an immigration lawyer going to be needed now? We're trying to be a lot more careful now with this to avoid another situation like the previous overstay. Advice?

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