can someone enlighten me with canadian tax filing questions?

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can someone enlighten me with canadian tax filing questions?

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hi all,

My husband (canadian citizen) and I (canadian PR) and my daughter moved to USA in March 2015. We had income in January 2015 from our employers in Canada and now received T4 slip and also a NR4 from our bank in Canada.

We used to file tax online when we were in Canada, but now since we become non residents, i assume we cannot use online software to file tax.(am i right?)

so here is the questions that i hope someone here can throw us some insights:

1. Am i right that we need to fill the T1 General 2015 Income tax and benefit return for non residents and deemed residents of ananda and send the paper back to canada?

2. I'm quite puzzled with NR4 slip because it does not show which lines I should fill in T1. There are only box numbers such as Box 16 Gross income which i don't know where i should put in.

3. Is there any software for non resident to file tax?

thank you so much. :oops: :oops:

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