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Hi All,

I'm newbie here so I don't know if you have a forum about this topic already.

I'm from Vancouver, BC and I have a job offer in Portland, OR. I'm planning to apply for TN visa at the Peach Arch border driving my car and bringing my belongings with me. I want to cross the border 1 week before my start date so I can find a place to stay, get a local driver's license and open a bank account.

However, the manufacturer is not giving me a compliance letter for my car because it does not have a tire monitoring system which is now a requirement according to them.

I saw from another website that I get a temporary car registration for 1 year. Is this true?
Should I just take the bus? or fly by plane?

Also, I'm a construction estimator. Will I be categorized as an Engineering Technologist? I don't see any other match in the NAFTA list.

Please help. Thanks.

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