Is it possible to marry and not apply for immigration?

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Is it possible to marry and not apply for immigration?

Post Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:02 pm

If a couple marries and one spouse is Canadian and the other is American, must one apply for change in immigration status?

One person lives and works in Canada (actually almost within walking distance of the border). The other person lives and works in the United States within driving distance of the border.

Living arrangements after marriage hasn't been decided. It's possible that each person might live on their side of the border Monday-Wednesday or Thursday and visit each other (and/or work remotely) the rest of the week and weekend.

When one person cross the border, he/she has no intention of staying permanently.

Is this practical? Or does one person have to apply for U.S. permanent residence and the other person Canadian permanent residence? That would be crazy tax-wise.

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