TN:Confused on bringing over Expecting Spouse ?

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TN:Confused on bringing over Expecting Spouse ?

Post Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:15 am

Hello All, tried searching this but still confused.

Just got an offer for TN employment, starting end of next month.
Wife, is expecting and due end of Sept. We both have full time jobs in Ontario.

Question is:

Option1: Both move now and have the child in US. We really don't want to be apart at this time. We do not have immediate families in Canada, so its better we stay close during the final months.
Q: If move 2 months early- Will wife still get her Maternity Benefits - EI ?
Q: Can she resign from work before delivery. Will this go against her for EI benefits?

Option2: Move my employment to another +1 month. Have her mom, fly in to help out. I will try best to Telecommute as much. Have baby in Canada, start her EI, and take wife + baby to States, of course when they are ready to travel (again have to plan this). Not sure how long it takes to get the new passport for the newborn- have to account that too.

From what I am reading, wife will get EI regardless- as she's completed the required hours to be eligible...?.. And finally, sort of weighing in the benefits of giving child dual citizenship, but that's only beneficial when he/she goes to school I guess.

Very confused , Looking for input on what would you do, if in my shoes?

thanks in advance, have a nice day.

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