Canadian to move to USA Permently

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Canadian to move to USA Permently

Post Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:57 pm

I have a question and it may seem dumb or it may seem stupid but I'm wanting to move to the USA Permently I haven't gone to the USA yet but I'm wanting to be there for around the end of August the latest that for a Wedding which I do have proof of but I may consider staying there.

I was wondering if I could apply for everything I need to do of the green card, for a job and everything else while I am in the USA? I would be staying with some family and friends that I have down there.

I wouldn't care about my proviencal health care running out in 6 months

Example: one my friends has an auntie who went to the USA for 3 months came back for a few days grabbed all her things and went back to the USA the next day and has been down there for the past 7 years and still there to this day.

If this is something i want to consider doing, Could i do it?

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