Canadian snowbirds -- worried about travel to US?

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Canadian snowbirds -- worried about travel to US?

Post Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:59 am

My name is Ian MacNeill and I'm a writer for a nationally distributed Canadian magazine.

I’m working on a story about whether or not the low Canadian dollar combined with the kinds of violent incidents taking in the United States -- everything from race riots and terrorist attacks to the polarized US election -- are impacting the decisions of Canadians to spend the upcoming winter south of the border, typically in the Sunbelt states.

Are you concerned about personal safety where you have either traditionally wintered in America or may have been planning to spend the cold months this year?

We'll use the most interesting and insightful of your comments in the magazine.

We mean no disrespect to America by asking this question; from afar the headlines can be intimidating for visitors!

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