TN Visa Category Question

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TN Visa Category Question

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I am a Canadian citizen and have a PhD in Computer Science from a Canadian University. I have been working in Canada for about 5 years after graduation. I am now applying to US for jobs. I am not sure under which job category I can apply for a TN visa. The jobs that I am applying for are in the intellectual property area (related to Patents). I have got a couple of interview with law firms in US. One of the positions is a Science Advisor position with the following duties. Can anyone tell me which category this will fall under if any.


Essential functions:

Perform initial investigation and analysis of potential patent cases.
Analyze and document functionality of source code.
Investigate infringement and validity of patents.
Identify and research technical information relating to a variety of products and industries.
Identify key technical issues and documents.
Search for and analyze prior art.
Generate validity and infringement claim charts.
Analyze file histories.
Assist attorneys with claim construction.
Assist attorneys with technical issues in briefs, hearings, depositions, and trial.
Work with inventors and technical experts.
Work with other support departments within the firm.
Perform additional duties as assigned.
Qualified candidates must meet the following requirements:

B.S., Masters, or Ph.D. in Computer Science;
Computer programming experience, including knowledge of C, C++, Java, and Javascript;
a record of strong academic achievement;
excellent written and verbal communication skills; and
meticulous attention to detail.

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