Canadian PR-Citizenship and EB2 Green Card Application

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Canadian PR-Citizenship and EB2 Green Card Application

Post Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:13 pm

I'm Canadian and commute everyday to Detroit from Windsor on a H1-B. My wife has her Canadian PR and works in Windsor. My employer in Detroit will start the EB-2 green card application. I've heard from my company's law firm to expect 1.5-3 years to receive the green card. My wife has 1.5 years until she is eligible to apply for CDN citizenship and then roughly another 6-8 months to receive her citizenship. Both the EB2 and CDN citizenship process will roughly take the same amount of time from start to finish given the current situation. Should I include my wife as part of the EB2 application? I've heard that CIC with their new clauses in the immigration act are starting to look for intent to reside in Canada during the citizenship application. Is it possible the for the CIC to find out that my wife is also applying for US green card while applying for CDN citizenship and deny her citizenship? If that's the case I rather leave her off and have her receive CDN citizenship without any doubt or inquires from CIC. Once I receive the green card and she receives her CDN citizenship, I would sponsor her as a US permanent resident myself to receive her US PR.

Ultimately we both want to live in the US as Canadian citizens with a US green card. Just trying to figure out the best course of action.

I appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Thank you.

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