CBP Officers

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CBP Officers

Post Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:52 am

On my last entry into the US via YYZ, we had our 2 kids (both american born) with us and the eldest one being 2.5 yrs old was asking making some noise as kids do and she said "mommy...mommy" a few times and the CBP officer snapped and screamed at her and said "HEY! SETTLE DOWN RIGHT NOW!"

I was about to say something to the CBP officer along the lines "She's a kid...relax"..but kept my mouth shut and politely answered questions. I was so angry with that officer but do they not receive training on how to handle kids? I would assume they come across people of all ages there and so their training should account for that. I've never had any of them snap like that at my kids and we've crossed over many times. I'm just afraid if it happens again I might end up saying something to the officer. Anyone have any experience like that? What did you do?

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