Canuks in US- Get Med Insurance with your employer?

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Canuks in US- Get Med Insurance with your employer?

Post Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:29 am

I recently took up a full time job with a US consulting company. I work on an H1B and live in Toronto and work where ever the company sends me. A few days ago, the HR person called me and asked me why I have not picked a Benefits plan. My initial thought was, as Canadian living in Canada, this insurance will probably not come in handy as we are pretty much covered for everything here. However, if something does go wrong while working in the US (ie: Say I have a heart attack or get into a car crash), having some sort of insurance is not a bad idea- Although I have read this is where your workers comp would kick in!

If there are folks like me who live in Canada and work in the US, I'd like to get your thoughts on this. Is it worth paying an extra $100/month for a High Deductible insurance for the 4 days I spend in the US? Is this insurance tax deductible ? Initial thought is, no. What other options do i have here? Thoughts/comments , please share.

Happy holidays to everyone.

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