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I came to Canada from Middle East in 1957.
I became a Canadian Citizen on 1962.
In 1963 moved to California got married and became a US Sitizen 1966.
All that I have left is my Canadian Passport at this time.
I am 72 Years old.
I would like very mutch to go back and to Canada for the rest of my years.
[b]How can I claim my Canadian Citizenship back ? is this possible ?[/b]Thanks
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I am sure that you have never lost your Canadian citizenship. You should be able to go back to Canada, show your Canadian documentation and that's it. Alternately, you could apply for a new Canadian passport. Should not be a problem. Contact the Canadian
consulate in L.A.:
Email [email protected]

Street Address Consulate General of Canada
550 South Hope Street, 9th Floor
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Telephone General (213) 346-2700
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You both 'acquired' (1962) and 'lost'(1966) your Canadian Citizenship as an adult, prior to 1977 (when the Act changed to allow dual.)

I assume you 'renounced' your Canadian citizenship to became an American citizen. You didnt get kicked out of Canada ('Revocation')

'Resumption' - The following link is not just for those who lost citizenship as minors. You wont have to give up your American Citizenship either. ... ption.html

Also see:

"Before the Citizenship Act of February 15, 1977, Canadian law limited dual citizenship. It also provided more ways to gain or lose citizenship than does our current law. Canadians who became citizens of another country before that date should check to see if they are still Canadians. Since that date, Canadian law, like the laws of several other countries, has allowed dual citizenship."

Read the rest.

"Citizenship laws are complicated. Do not assume that what applies to your friends and relatives will apply to you as well, even though your circumstances may be similar. Be certain about your own citizenship status...Start with the Call Centre in Canada or a Canadian embassy or consulate outside Canada. Advice and guidance are free, and Canadian officials will be glad to give you information or tell you where it may be available."

And if you really like reading - see the Immigration Manual online, ... /cp09e.pdf

"2.3. Who can resume citizenship?
Former Canadians who can resume citizenship are:
• any person who was previously a Canadian citizen, other than a person whose citizenship was revoked under the former or present Act—section 11(1)"

Also appears that since you lived in Canada for a few years (1957-1963), (more than 'a year prior to' any Resumption application), you wont have a residency waiting period. (??)

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