general question for all c. america!

For anyone living or traveling in Costa Rica.
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general question for all c. america!

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1 am a 64 year old retired single american male looking either to retire on a 'tourist pensioner visa' (if available), or just be able to chop in/out, in/out, of any central american country which will allow either....yeah right!

i receive $605/mo. SS and to supplement that, living in florida, i need to use my investments, which i hate doing. i live here on $1,300/mo. and could accept doing $1,000/mo. somewhere, anywhere....ok, finished laughing now?

here's what i know so far; panama increased 'TP visas' from $500 min. to $1,000 min. as of 2008....screwed again. yes, i understand you can go out every 90 days on a tourist visa to CR, stay 3 days, get chopped and back in but how long is panama going to put up with that crap? plus the electric costs (A/C), are outrageous, which along with TV/I.S.P. costs of apx. $50 each puts me back to square one...florida.

all the other central american countries are 90 day visas except belize and CR, correct? do the other countries offer visa opportunities for poor slob retirees like me?

are the utility, TV/internet costs for ALL the countries just like panama, which would defeat my purpose? if so, then i'm back to my present living costs!

i have wandered the world since i was a kid, lived many places, but not central/south america. i am, say the doctors at the free clinic, in perfect health, so that is not an issue right now.

i travel with two day bags and a computer backpack for my laptop. would like to find a decent furnished one BR apartment with TV/internet and A/C. is $1,000/mo. a joke or what? and of course the ability to chop in & out without a hassle.

lived in puerto vallarta and baja, mexico 1999-2001, still 180 day tourist visa?

what are the re-entry requirements for these countries and what type of visas are given for tourists?

you may email me privately too at; kspli[email protected]. your advise is appreciated. kurt

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