Backpacking Brazil; Best Banks or Best way to Withdraw Cash

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Backpacking Brazil; Best Banks or Best way to Withdraw Cash

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I'll be backpacking in Brazil from Jan.31st to Feb.23rd. I'll be starting from Sao Paolo and going to West to Pantanal for a week then backtracking east to Rio de Janeiro and heading north along the east coast and end up around Salvador probably.

I'm have backpacked to quite a few places mainly eastern europe though. This is my first back packing trip to S.America so I'll assume it will be much different than eastern europe. I'll be going with a friend who travelled there a couple of years ago by himself so I'll have someone with some experience down there.

I was just wondering what would be the best way to deal with money in Brazil. I don't want to carry too much cash on me and would prefer to withdraw cash down there when needed. I currently only have a PC (President's Choice) financial account but I'm willing to open up another Canadian Bank account if needed. PC has worked out well for me in Eastern Europe surprisingly. I've read that there are some Canadian banks in S.America (Scotia Bank/RBC). Is it worth it to open up a bank account for this to avoid excessive fees? What are the major Canadian banks down there? Is there another method of dealing with money you would recommend?

Thank you!

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