young, (naive?), Canadian girls living in RDJ?

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young, (naive?), Canadian girls living in RDJ?

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Hello! I am interested in hearing about some real life experiences of Canadians who moved to Rio... I am marrying a Brazilian who I met here, we are getting married here, and then are planning to move to Rio for several months. I don't really know what to expect! A lot of people I know are trying to instill negative fears on me and it's starting to get me worried.... I really just want a realistic opinion from someone who has done it themselves! Can anyone illustrate for me what it's like to LIVE there as a gringo? Thanks :)
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Re: young, (naive?), Canadian girls living in RDJ?

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Hi there!
I live in Fortaleza, Brazil. I have been married to a Brazilian lady for almost 6 years.
We are very happy but our case is only one and you really should be visiting Rio BEFORE you get married, in order to see what the other half of your life is like closer to his home!
It may not be possible, but there will be many unknowns if you don't do this and you want as few of those as possible.
Married life is difficult enough as it is, particularly when you count in living for some time in a very different country with a different language, customs, few friends, if any and a man you've just married.
I don't want to scare you, just make you realize that you are taking a very big step at a young age and you need to be very careful.
A visit to Rio is STILL the best thing you could do...and before the ceremony.

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