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Spent some time teaching in Brazil. Didn't get rich but had the time of my life. Grew up mentally and emotionally.
I want to help others experience this by offering to help plan trips to Brazil. I have schools that are interested in hiring teachers and also know of some schools you can study at. The rate of pay is generally 10 reais per hour and no hours are guaranteed. If you are an outgoing person who looks for opportunities you will have no problem paying for the costs of your trip. If you would rather just teach to help give you some spending money while doing other things then that's great also.
My inlaws will offer homestay for up to 3 people at a time. This includes or can be paid separatly, meals, bedroom and laundry.
Inclusive runs 625 canadian per month. Take a few courses at a school or volunteer and study Brazilian dance ect. options are endless.
If you'd like me to help organize a trip for you to stay with my inlaws I can plan a great trip for you with a variety of travel options depending on your intentions. My inlaws are great people and excellent cooks. You will be taken in as part of the family and will always have their assistance. Batatais is located in the interior of Sao Paulo. Close to Ribeirao Preto. Is's a small city but close to everything. I travelled all around Brazil but for 2 years my home point was always a city in Sao Paulo.
I look forward in speaking to people interested. Remember I can only offer 3 private rooms. one room does have two single beds so if you travel with a friend or as a couple you can share a room for a lowered rate.
contact Amy [email protected]

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