Beware of Costly China Internship Scams - So Devious!

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Beware of Costly China Internship Scams - So Devious!

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Who doesn't want to work for a Fortune 500 Company or explore China while earning $60,000 a year? That is the bait used to defraud thousands of university graduates every year by a dozen private internship companies based in China or the UK. Here is what you need to know or you can easily be swindled out of $1,000 to $5,000...

Most all China internships for expats have been illegal since 2013 as per these two links:

Do not be fooled by glitzy web sites full of great "testimonials" (paid shills) review sites full of praise (self-created) or claims to be affiliated with top universities or companies (unverifiable). This link below explains how just one company makes everything so believable and yet they cannot be prosecuted because they use a call center in Pakistan

Remember, if someone asks you to pay any money for a China internship it is a fraud to avoid.

I tried to insert the links about spotting 5 red flags of China Internship fraud but the forum robot must think it is spam. So just google "China Internship Scams" and read up on your own, or read below what I cut and pasted from a China scam watch site:


After speaking at length with reps from both the British Business Council and China Scam Patrol about the legalities of China Internships and Jobs, they pretty much convinced me that most all the ads you see online for "Work in China" and "China Internships" are bold scams with very few exceptions. But they both said it is easy to spot the fakes and even easier to spot the real deals if you know what to look for.

First about China Internships: The real true China internships are seldom ever advertised and are available straight from the HR staff of the companies sponsoring the internship. This explains the routine here chinainternshipreviews. They do not use third party recruiters or brokers.

Red Flag No. 1: So if you are not dealing directly with an HR specialist directly at the company, it is 99% certain to be a scam. This is your first red flag to watch for.

Red Flag No. 2: If you are asked for any money up front, no matter how little the amount, and no matter whether they call it a deposit, a processing fee, a registration fee, etc. it is surely a scam without any doubt.

Red Flag No. 3: If you are told to lie on your visa application or hide the fact that you are coming to China to work as an intern - Run! Also a sure sign of a scam. No legitimate company is going to ask you to lie and commit a felony that can put you behind bars for 2 years.

Red Flag No. 4: If a company tell you that you will probably get hired after you complete your internship they are lying to you. Less than 5% of China interns recruited by brokers and private "internship companies" even receive job offers. Even when you apply directly with legitimate companies, you have a 28% of getting hired full time.

Red Flag No. 5: If your legitimate questions are avoided you are dealing with a scam. What kind of questions? Here are 5 sample questions;

1) Who owns your company and what is your SAIC business license number (ask for a copy of the license)

2) What are my total costs including housing, meals, ground transportation, air fare, your fees etc. Ask for an itemization and if you don't get one, take a pass.

3) Can you guarantee me in writing a placement with a Fortune 500 or MNC company?

5) Can you provide me a list of your 20 largest companies that you work with as intern sponsors?

6) What universities can vouch for your company?

You can get a blacklist of the worst and best China internships at China Scam Patrol.

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