Canadian Car, US plates in Canada

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Canadian Car, US plates in Canada

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Hey CA community,

I have an issue that I need clarification on that CBP was VERY uncertain on but I beleive gave me a false verdict.

I was given my family car for university. I'm driving it in Canada after my dad *lent* it to me for use. He lives in CHICAGO :. the car has Illinois plates but it is a Canadian car purchased in Toronto.
My dad will be using it in the summer (HAlf in Canada/Half in Chicago)
We would like to keep the Illionois plates on it and keep it in my dads name.

THe problem with CBP is that they want me to change to CAD plates , into my name as they consider me the primary driver. FOr the time being sure I am but its really 50/50, but its my Dads car and he wants it to stay that way.
They treatened that next time I try to come Into Canada after visiting the family WITHOUT the CAD plates they will turn me around.
Also misrepresentation with the US plates in Canada with my Canadian driving liscence.

I complied with them, Already spending $1100 for unnecessary "safety" issues with the car but when figuring if the car is in my name, insurance will sky rocket, it will first be unfeasible for me to have the car any longer and we don't think that we should be doing it (Not going to change plates twice a year).

If anyone with an understanding of these laws can clarify it would be of such help. Please give me advice on what to say to CBP next time I'm crossing the border into Canada.

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